Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Letters and parcels

Receiving parcels in the mail has got to be one of the nicest things, letters too (when they’re not from any government body or businesses threatening to cut off your electricity or phone, or addressed ‘To the Householder’). While those ones aren’t so fun, I love getting letters or cards from friends or family and I’d always thought that they seemed so much more personal than an email. But then yesterday I got an email from an old friend who I’ve been pretty lax about keeping in touch with this year, and it was just as nice a surprise; full of interesting news, funny anecdotes — all the things that I like about letters (and was great to hear from you J!). So I guess being able to open an envelope, hold a letter as you read it, see the person’s handwriting doesn’t really matter to me as much as I thought…

A second good thing happened yesterday when I got home from work and found a big parcel from Bendigo Woollen Mills with my wool order inside.

The 200g balls are huge, and I think I’ve ordered waaaay to much for my jumper, but then I always buy too much wool — ever since my first project, a scarf for my sister, when I ran out of wool and went back to the shop and found out that the wool I was using wasn’t made anymore and the closest match was shades darker and a different texture. While actually made the scarf a bit more interesting, I was really upset at the time and ever since then I seem to wind up with 1 or 2 too many balls left over.

The pattern I’m using is for a thicker wool, uses empirical measurements and not in my size, so as well as doing a square to test the tension, I’m going to have to do a fair bit of maths before I start.

My brain is hurting already. :(


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