Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another pointless post about knitting

While I'm sure I will really appreciate all the work that's going into it when I finally finish my jumper. (Current estimated finishing time is around winter 2011 - I can wear it for my 30th birthday celebrations!), there is a lot to be said for small projects.

I made up a pair of fingerless gloves a few weeks ago, begining them on a monday or tuesday and wearing them to work on thursday morning. I remember being really cross that the temperature was a balmy 6 degrees — above zero for the first time in almost a week. Anyway, it's very satisfying deciding to make something and then only a few days later having the finished project.

I guess it all follows on from the whole short attention span thing although some of the problem is I knit so slowly. I get really envious when I watch really fast knitters on the bus, who can knit at a hundred miles an hour, while barely moving their hands. I find as soon as I try and stop taking by right hand off the needle when I loop the yarn around, I start dropping stitches or splitting the yarn :(

On another note: I was given my dad's old digital camera a few weeks ago and as soon as I get the right cable I'll start posting pics. I've also got a photos of a few batches of Amy's cupcakes for her blog.